Another Blogger!!!

Hi guys, it’s Andy Pich here! Another friend of Dararith. If you want to contact me, just please visit my YouTube channel, thomas9012. I know my videos are weirdish but it’s because I’m freakin’ 12! So if you have a problem, deal with it, you @ssholes… I censored it because I’m too awesome to say it. Gotta problem with that?

Okay so, I have been making a few videos with CatastrophePoint but for some reason, they all say FirecartoonCorp instead. They were made before August 13, 2011 so they would be like that. I normally would be the crazy one being all weird and stuff in the videos and vlogs. Since were just young teenagers, don’t judge us to be one of the worst video makers of all time cause we’ve done nothing to you. So why hate me or Dararith?

Trust me, Dararith’s a very nice and random guy. You can probably prove to some of his friends, Quentin2016, PsychoNaughters, SpidermanRoxxes, and I think Cody’s account is either MrCody2016 or XxXHunterXxX801. I don’t know, neither does he. I’ve known Dararith since my middle 4th grade year, which was his 5th grade year.

Aight, if you want to contact me as I said before, please visit my channel, Thomas9012!


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