8th Grade Started… And Getting Braces…

8th Grade

So it looks like 8th grade’s turning out well but most of the 7th graders at school are looking up to me just because they think I dress like Justin Bieber? That’s just crapped up. Anyway, the 7th graders and 9th graders at Hunter Jr. High are considering me as an epic person in the school. But really, I’m just messing around at school.

There are several differences. They are…

  1. Getting Taller
  2. Getting Braces
  3. Getting A Deeper Voice
  4. Having A Better personality
  5. Messing Around Less or More
  6. Loving Me For Some Unknown Reason
  7. Calling Me Mr. Epichead
  8.  Envying Me For My Looks (Like Devin Patterson)

I’m pretty sure everyone remembers this video, aight? The video is called Idiotic Scenes. It’s meant to be idiotic anyway.

Getting Braces

This will suck coconuts because I’m getting braces on September 13, 2011!!! The colors are going to be Lime Green & Cyan (If they do have cyan). Otherwise, Lime & Pink! Cause pink’s an epic color, duh!

Hopefully, my makeup picture for our 2012 Yearbook will be one. Unlike last year. My 7th grade picture was horrible because I couldn’t smile at all. I think it’s because I lost my donut again.

I will upload the picture of me with braces as soon as I could do it!

Please Vote For My New Name!


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