Contest – Drawing Me With Braces


Hey guys, let’s see if any of you guys can draw me with braces. I will get them within September 13, 2011! The colors I’m getting are either Lime Green & Purple or Navy Blue & Purple. I won’t make a video on it though since I have a new camera and don’t know how to get the camera import into the SD Card. Anyway, the requirements are listed below this heading.


  1. Resolution Must Be 1280px720p or larger 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  2. PNG or JPG image file
  3. Color Pallete (Meaning A Color Picture)
  4. No Watermarks (Unless Permitted)
  5. YouTube Account (For Promotion On YouTube)


  1. Twitter (For Instant Updates On The Braces)
  2. Email To Send It To Me
  3. Website Or Blogsite
  4. Surreal or Abstact Background




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