Three Important Things To Know!

Yearbook Staff

I know, it sounds silly for a dude to be a photographer at my school but I want to make this year epic by taking pictures of all my epic friends!.. and people I know. This year, the yearbook looks like a newspaper and I’ll show you that within Spring or Summer 2012 unless my manager allows me to photograph it. So far, several people are tackling, wrestling, and beating up each other just so I get a picture of them. No clue why but I’m just using my crappy Kodak.


So nobody voted for the colors of my braces (Due to the lack of website views for the past week) but I’m getting Lime green & purple. Hopefully, Ultradent Inc. adds the lime green brace.

Also, several of my friends are asking why am I getting braces. It’s because my bottom jaw sticks out about 6.75 mm too far out and my upper front teeth are too closed in. So I’m getting my braces for probably two years and then it goes to retainers.

Vans Off The Wall

That’s right! My next shoe will be from Vans. I know it may seem silly for a guy that’s ‘5″8 tall and wears size 9.5. But it still looks stylish for me and I wonder what color does everyone wear. Just use this convinient poll below and answer what color you wear. I’m pretty sure that black is the most picked but who gives a crap!… I do sadly!

I’m planning to get either the blue or purple ones but still am curious about you Vans lovers.

Aight, gotta run!


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