Roblox, Twitter, YouTube, Yearbook, Braces


I don’t know if you ever knew this but I am still on ROBLOX… drawing and messing around. No clue why. And I still need more Robux sadly so yep. To visit my ROBLOX user, click here!


For some unknown reason, nobody has been even looking at my Twitter page according to my records here. C’mon, just follow me. It’s my only alternative of Facebook. I can’t have a Facebook because my parents are afraid that I’ll give out my address. My parents are just a big dumbass. By the way, follow me here! @CatastrophePt 


I am going from professional to regular old ammateur vlogs due to the fact that my father’s PC runs extremely slow. So this’ll cause me to lose up on almost anything you could think of.

Yearbook & Braces

Now that I’m a yearbook staff, I can take pictures of me and my friends, doing a bunch of random stuff such as long takes of being retarded, and basically, I can be posting the pictures on here and sadly, they’re only 2580×1720. Pretty small.

Since the day I got braces (9/13/2011), people have been going nuts about my epic teeth. They thought it was straight, but it was really messed up. The wires are sort of disoriented and are layed out in a funky oreder. Worst case scenario, they hurt like a B!tch.


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