I Have Returned!

I Am Back!

For almost five months being inactive (Due to yearbook, schooling, and game building), I have finally return! YES! So this is just letting you know that my randomness will be here, as you can see. I will be updating the site a little slower since I have uploaded too many videos without updating the site. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy season two!

My sister and I am finally making new and improved comedy videos (Especially bloopers) and will be posting it on here, same with ROBLOX! But it doesn’t matter. As long as we make these random and crazy videos, we could be reknown! The videos will be consisting mostly inside my studio room and my sister’s studio room, which is still on construction. The videos will most likely be in 720p due to rendering issues on my computer.

Already Created 4 Albums!

Nobody would know about this but I have already created 4 albums! Four stinkin’ awesome albums! They’re not released yet obviously since I haven’t added or created the lyrics to the songs. Which only two albums (“Pro” and “The F.I.N.A.L.S.”) will have. The other two which are “Just The Start” and “Galaxy Wars”, will not have lyrics to the songs since it doesn’t have the chorus, the verses, and all of that.

Well, hope you have a great day and  may see you in  a while!


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