Bringing The Albums Together

The Five Albums

A couple of you guys have heard about me making my own music. Well, it’s true. But the thing is that they are just tunes. So basically, I’m a composer. Not that the first two to three albums are a fail. I’ve been doing this kind of thing since 2009. Although, it was slow between the years of 2009 to 2011. What I am thinking is that I probably have to create another YouTube account about my tunes and such. Yes, there will be blogs uploaded on both CatastrophePoint and that new channel I’m still thinking to name.


If you are curious, here are the album names that I’ve done pretty much so far.

  • Just The Start (2009)
  • Galaxy Wars (2010)
  • The F.I.N.A.L.S. (2011)
  • Pro (2012)
  • World of Music (2012)

I am still working on “World of Music” album. Subsequently, the genre of that album is mostly electronic, techno, and trance. It is because they normally bring up the spirits of true music lovers. The album covers are still in beta so don’t ask or request for the album covers. They will be released after the third episode of Season 3 in the CatastrophePoint Channel. My songs currently do not have a copyright built in to them. I will release the FULL song when they’re released to iTunes once I figure out a way to get it in there.

Little Hints

If you have been watching episodes 7 to 9, you have probably heard the tunes I have already created and uploaded. But most are from the “Pro” album. The reason why is because “Pro” was the most successful album released around my local area, even though it’s not that known. Please refer to CatastrophePoint‘s channel if you want to slightly hear the songs I’ve done so far. Sadly, they’re kind of cutted off plus, they are basically used as background music so you’ll probably have a harder time hearing it. I wouldn’t recommend this to halfway deaf citizens out there this.

Just note that they’ll be released as a teaser, except the first album (Just The Start) since they’re so short and cannot be cutted off enough. Hope you guys have a great day!

D.J. Ros (Dararith Jeremiah Ros)


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