Crashin’ Dubstep with FL Studio 10

What are you talking about?

Okay, this may be confusing to you but I’m still trying to figure out how to use FL Studio 10 on my computer since MAGIx Music Maker MX doesn’t have enough sound effects I desire for my newer songs coming out in the album, “Crashin’ Dubstep”. So I’m asking all of my fans, if they know a good video on YouTube on how to make the songs out of FL Studio 10. I know a couple of my friends know how to use it but I never got the chance to ask them so now’s the perfect time for me to ask all of you.

If you’re going to tell me a link, you might as well send it to me as a feedback or question. All links posted on this page will be exiled from the page to reduce spam. But here’s another thing I forgot to mention. If YOU made a tutorial video on how to make songs on FL Studio 10, you can also email me the link via feedback.

I hope most of you guys will help me bring me to the top. Thanks.


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