Album 6 with MAGIX


Since we are starting to lose interest using MAGIX Music Maker MX, we are still trying to use the program as much as possible. We recently have installed some newer sound FX and we are able to keep on using this program until we abandon it. We had to install the DVD collection from versions fifteen through eighteen. We have an example of one here.

Album 6:

Album 6 is an inspirational album about dancing until you die, listening to the right beat, and most of all, getting that life living feeling everybody wants. Typically, we will be having them in Techno Trance Vol. 18, which doesn’t sound as negative as volumes fifteen through seventeen. Here is a preview of one of the songs for Album 6. The song’s planning to be called “Daedalus”.

Using Magix Music Maker MX, this is our preview of the upcoming song, Daedalus.


We know you guys are kind of confused of the fact that Crashin’ Dusbtep was uploaded earlier than Album 6, but since we had some issues and did not have enough sound FX for Album 6, we were only able to render Dubstep and Electronica songs. Now with the DVD collections, we could actually release some songs for Album 6. Although, we do apologize for the confusion.

You can listen to most of the songs in the Crashin’ Dubstep songs via YouTube, but you cannot download them unless you use a website to download an mp3 to it. Otherwise, thank you for listening to my songs. You’re the reason why we kept producing!


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