Shattering Lime Tag 3.0

What the hell is this?

Shattering Lime Tag is a game on the free online building game known as ROBLOX. This place, which was developed by me, has a very similar character to how the game, freeze tag, works. I know almost nobody I know in reality plays ROBLOX and plays Minecraft instead, but noting that I don’t like Minecraft very well, this is the place where I’ll have my creativity lie upon on.

Shattering Lime Tag 3.0

Shattering Lime Tag 3.0 will be up on ROBLOX within possibly July 6, 2012. The massive update change will have a new lobby, tons of new maps developed by me. And also how the game system works, it’ll be much likely to be different. And the really good thing is that it’s friendly to all kinds of users since I am allowing all gears to be enabled.

Here are three pictures of the game’s thumbnail in 1280px720p resolution.

For some unknown reason, the last image in this gallery was considered inappropriate. I was like, “What the fuck, ROBLOX. You’ve gotta be kidding me.” But I didn’t really cared about it and almost immediately made a new one.

If you wanna play the place, please invite users first and enjoy the game on…
 Thanks, Firecartoon.


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