Hit Songs!

Well, according to my insights on YouTube, the most viewed and favourited song is Drop Dead Bird. Thank you for your audience about that song. But, here’s a milestone. Most songs that have less video views than Drop Dead Bird, seem to be very far distance. Meaning, the number of views are pretty distance from each other, which means no other songs are good. Look at the image below if you could see clearly enough (Click image for a closer look). Seems like Drop Dead Bird and The Aviator are kicking butt. Large step between Kitchen and Crashin’ Dubstep, which in my opinion, seems liek I’m not doing my job well enough. If this is the case, then Album 6 and Crashin’ Dubstep are OFFICIALLY the last albums I will ever be developing.

The sad part is that I am already developing some music for a few cheap movies. Don’t ask me what they’re called, otherwise I will just tell the whole point of the movie, song, genre, etc. I will upload previews on YouTube after Crashin’ Dubstep and Album 6 are complete, which may not be available until August-September 2012. Typically, most of the songs would sound kind of awkward but they do fit in the movie pretty well.

I have researched several songs on iTunes lately, looking on Dubstep, Techno, Electronic, and Trance songs. To my opinion, I obviously didn’t do my job very detailed enough, which my brother is correct about. But, I know several people out in this world love my music, and that’s what I’ll do.

Anyway, back on topic. The songs that are the most popular are listed…

  • Drop Dead Bird [Likes: 6] [Dislikes: 0] [Views: 127]
  • The Aviator [Likes: 4] [Dislikes: 0] [Views: 120]
  • Kitchen (Official) [Likes: 4] [Dislikes: 0] [Views: 100]
  • The 2028 Piano [Likes: 3] [Dislikes: 0] [Views: 75]
  • Brereton Avenue [Likes: 4] [Dislikes: 0] [Views: 61]

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Thank you guys so much for getting me this far up ahead.
-Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros 


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