Summer 2012

Yep, I have just returned from a long journey through the intensive heat of Nevada, The Alcatraz in San Fransisco, through the strips and casinos of Las Vegas, back home into the Salt Lake Valley. I already have those pictures uploaded. There could be found here.

I apologize if the images are blurry as the images taken were on my cellular telephone. The good thing is that I could upload the pictures from at least two other cameras my family owns. But I am not exactly sure when those will be up.

Here in this collage shown below, it is some of the pictures I have taken. Sorry about the paint splatter overlay on some images to the left of the collage. I did that for image FX. To view the image in full size, simply click the image.

The good news is that I got to see my cousin once again. It’s been approximately two years since we last met. If this kind of event occurs to you in a period of time, blog about it. Talk about it. It will allow you to touch other people’s hearts, especially for those who have family members or a loved one in the army, navy, etc.

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-Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros


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