SLT 3.0 Release!

As you ROBLOXians can see, my place, Shattering Lime Tag, has finally been released in an early schedule. Since version 3.0 is up due to popular demand, several maps may be delayed by a few days. I am trying my best to speed things up and get everything done by Halloween 2012.

I know some of you are asking what’s so cool about Shattering Lime Tag 3.0. Here are it’s features.

  • Easier Access
  • Less Brick Count
  •  CFramed Bricks and infrastructures
  • Cleaner Game System
  • Automated Help System
  • Anti-Exploit System to always have fun
  • Updated Thumbnail
  • Better Premium Privileges
  • More Discoveries to be found
  • And many more…

I am positive that version 3.0 will be a success and will guarantee to inspire you. The lobby and it’s maps are a huge inspiration by the Ivory Homes in South Jordan, UT. That would explain all of the complicated structures in the lobby if you have ever seen it. Here are some pictures below you can view about what Shattering Lime Tag 3.0 looks like.

This is the thumbnail for version 3.0.

I would also like to thank all of you fans of mine for supporting me, promoting me, and doing the things you could do to share my place. I am very proud of you all. If you would like to learn more about this game, simply fill out a contact form in the “Contact Me” page. You could also send me a message to learn more about it in this link here.

Thank you all for your help.


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