What is this post about, you ask? Well, I have finally regained interest of developing wallpapers for others to use as their desktop screen. They will be available on DeviantArt and through here via MediaFire. I will even take requests and develop that wallpaper if possible. The resolutions of most typical wallpapers will be 1920px1200p. Otherwise, 1280px720p. Please note, all images will be impossible to reupload to claim it as an original of yours. It is mine.

I know for a fact I am not making any sense but would you mind sending me a message through the contacts page? That would be very grateful of you. I am very serious and I would be more than willing to make them on request, as long as they are appropriate.

See that image? That took almost half of one hour to develop. This is an example I would do for you guys. You guys could even send me pictures through email if possible and I could use it as a template or a canvas to “retexturize” it. Again, I’m sure I’m not making any sense.

If you are actually going to send in wallpapers for me to retexture, you must abide with the following rules.

  1. Must be a photographed image
  2. Cannot be edited whatsoever
  3. Cannot have logos or watermarks
  4. All faces or anything able to be identified will be declined
  5. Image must be larger than 2 MP (1600×1200)

This is an opportunity for you guys, actually. You may never see me develop anymore wallpapers if not broadcasted or suggested. I am allowing you to take advantage of this opportunity for you to somewhat customize my wallpaper.

Thank you,
-Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros 


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