Technotic World

Yep, the news is here! I know my audience has wanted to suggest some song they want me to develop. Now, you can! All you have to do is send me a feedback in the “Contact Me!” page! It’s simple as that.

But there will be some limitations.

  • Five songs per person/email
  • Must be an appropriate song name
  • Genre of Techno, Trance, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Pop, or Downbeat Electronica
  • 8 minutes maximum
  • If possible, state inspiration video link
  • Cannot be in a specified album (Single albums only)

You might be wondering what “Technotic World” is. Technotic World is a program I have developed for fans and such suggest me a song to develop. Most of the time, they specify a certain genre. In this case, the genre is listed above. Look and read it. What you can do is send me a message via the feedback box (Yes, I was nice enough to add this on the bottom of this page post) and suggest me the song to be uploaded. Simple as that. Everything else is explained.

The rules may seem a little harsh, but it still isn’t that hard. At some point, the song will be fully made, along with an album cover, and will be uploaded to YouTube whenever possible. If you do not see your song on YouTube within two weeks after sending the message, the following may have occurred…

  1. Rejected: Inappropriate – Does not familiarize with the specifications and is too harsh
  2. Rejected: Lengthy – The song suggested was too long and might have been modified
  3. Unfinished or Delayed – Something I encountered in life is holding me from developing
  4. Spam: Floodcheck – More than five songs were sent from the same person
  5. Spam: Name Taken – The name has already been used and has been renamed

I will have them uploaded on YouTube whenever it is finished. I am sorry if your song never gets up to the gallery, but I am doing the best I can. I have these limitations up for a reason. I actually was nice enough to add the song request dialog below.

Thanks a lot for your help, guys!
-Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros



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