Roblox Moderation

Yes, it has occurred once again.

Approximately two hours ago since this post was up, ROBLOX apparently banned me for spamming, without ANY proof I was. It occurs to me that they’re purposely trolling many users. I haven’t really spammed at all whatsoever, or even tried.

Since the April 1st major-hack, I have been getting banned almost on any unknown situations. Typically, the moderation note would say “Stop now.” or “Inappropriate” content. I have no idea why I receive the stop now moderation note. And apparently, I got a warning earlier today (Approximately 11 AM EST) for sharing information. That post was nowhere near sharing info.

In my honesty about ROBLOX’s corrupt moderation, they’re not doing their job right. Even I can do better than them. If the moderation on this website was as terrible as ROBLOX is currently, you would see endless pages of spam comments. I really do not know what they actually do in their offices. Probably office chair racing, presumably.

Now here is the moderation I received.. I tweeked it a bit.

I really want to know what their problem is. I mean, basically anybody could do better than our current moderators. So far, this is what I have received.

  • Reminders: 3
  • Warning: 7
  • 1 Day: 8
  • 3 Day: 1
  • 7 Day: 1
  • 14 Day: 0
  • Deletion: 69 Accounts

They are all basically just Stop now or inappropriate (Supposedly) moderations. I am considering of leaving ROBLOX Talk for good and just start building my place and get over it. I am getting pretty well known in the games already, unless the ROBLOX moderators do not like my place and just delete it.

So for those who are active on the forums, be aware of the corrupt mods, especially MSE6, who is responsible for all of the ban systems. I am certainly not joking about it. If you’re going to attempt trolling another community forum, I suggest not to do that, as this may lead you to a misunderstood moderation action.

Be aware,


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