The Diamond District

So you may be asking what the heck The Diamond District is.

Well, The Diamond District is a high-class civilization just five-hundred miles from the Town of Robloxia. The houses are very high end, the businesses are booming, and basically, it’s rare to be a bum there. Many have said the society over there varies by time. Well, that myth is true. From time to time, someone makes some sort of breakout, and then chaos would be formed within a matter of minutes. So it is up to you to stay as a lovely family in a high-class civilization.

I’m pretty sure you’re asking what special features are in there. Well, they are bullet listed below.

  • Anti-Exploit: No need to worry about experiencing a server that’s been exploited.
  • 14 Players per Server: This should be big enough to support up to 8 families in one server.
  • Chat System GUI: This chat GUI appears on the bottom-left corner. It stays until you die.
  • Deeply detailed Homes: This may cause a little bit of lag, but is very attractive.
  • Designers’ Wallpapers: This appears on several televisions, computer screens, and many more.
  • And many more…

So far within two days, I have approximately reached 69 visitors, and yes, I did find that kind of funny. Many have already favourited the place to see when it will be complete. At this point of time, it is a pre-release, which is not completely finished. Just capable of raising a family is just about it.

REMINDER: When first joining a server, you may experience a massive lag attack for up to 30 seconds. I apologize about that situation.

Please note, I will not take requests of what to add into the place. I will not make anybody else admin unless their suggestions are always booming and helpful to this place. And for those who are actual admins in my place, I advise you not to abuse all of it’s contents. Abuse use of these contents may have you terminated from the place, for life.

The Diamond District will be released approximately around September 1st, 2012. But just note, it may be released earlier or later. It’s not exact. I hope you guys will like this game once it is complete. You can take a look to the place though. The link is right here.

Thank you,


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