ROBLOX Clothes

So you may be asking what the hell I am doing. Well, I’m designing my own clothes on ROBLOX. While I still have BC, I have been reselling unsaleable shirts. Some shirts and pants have been modified so all sorts of colours are available for the public to buy.

The price range is usually around two to five ROBUX or three to twenty Tickets. Other than that, I am designing shirts.= and pants. I kind of suck at them since I am still not getting them to be even.

So if you’re asking what kinds of clothing I am making, they are the following.

  • Skater Styles
  • Chillers
  • Punk
  • Emo Stars

That’s basically the only types I could make. They are all human-like, but they are capable for those who chose not to look so human. Many work on the 2.0 and 3.0 bodies as well as the original body. I am not making outfits for ones that only work well with certain body types. It angers others. There is one downfall on this, I do not make outfits for clans or groups, unless I want to. I do make custom clothing for others, basically, they have to be unique out of all the others in my wardrobe.

I will be selling clothes until August 28th, 2012 unless I purchase Outrageous Builder’s Club later on if it ever occurs. If you ever find me being banned, you can always meet up with the fan group registered by Firecartoon. But many won’t be participating due to lack of lovers.

Well, I hope you’ll like my clothes when they’re available to everyone.



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