Game Review: Fort Polaris

This is a game review for the place, Fort Polaris by Sasuke987654321555 on ROBLOX.

This place was developed mainly for clans and wars. But I did not find it that way. I actually thought it was more of an adventurous time where you killed zombies or something. But how the developer had it set was to be used as a base for the group, R.A.A.

So I would like to list my ratings to how well-built this place was made. Read the bulleted lists below.

  • Creativity: 100/100
  • CFrame Usage: 110/100
  • Originality: 100/100
  • Use of Bricks: 95/100
  • Design: 100/100
  • Colouring: 95/100
  • Overall Rating: 105/100

I really loved how the building was designed and how it was carefully structured. I have no clue how long it took for the developer to create this but I assume it took approximately a year or so. I really loved how it was made. In fact, it has inspired me to making something more epic and exotic. Thank you, Sasuke987654321555. You really have blown my mind up.

For more game ratings, check up on this website at least every two days or so. More game reviews and such will be up.



One response to “Game Review: Fort Polaris

  1. I doubt 1 year… I’ve been in R.A.A. One of the worst groups… however, the base is pretty nice.

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