Rebirth of Music

The results are finally in. But before that, I have a few words to say before DJ Ros officially dies.

DJ Ros was one of the most inspirational person many people have known. From the times of newcomers to the vast community of disruption, DJ Ros has come this far, to make a huge impact; and this is the day. We all can agree that most of his songs actually helped others create music too. This is DJ Ros, and now, he is Terrasteamius.

By far on the last post, Terrasteamius was voted.

  1. Terrasteamius: 56 Votes
  2. The Last Animator: 49 Votes
  3. Century 2028: 48 Votes
  4. Green Falcon: 27 Votes
  5. Muffinstarz: 13 Votes

Thank you all for voting the name you wanted DJ Ros to have for the future; and possibly for eternity. This event has actually done a lot more for my career and so far, it’s going pretty well. It was a really stupid and moronic idea, but in the end, it did a lot of good things for us. Now, I am no longer confused with several Hispanic DJs.

Thank you guys for making a difference in me.
Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros AKA DJ Terrasteamius


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