The Good Ol’ Times P. 2

September 23rd, 2011

Okay, this was not planned by me for sure, I swear to God. Some of the girls in yearbook dared me to kiss the Justin Bieber poster. She took the picture and showed me. Most of them were bad since they all were her boobs. She was holding it backwards.

I posted this on Facebook somewhere on January 2012, it was viral. But only to about 185 friends. Then I posted it on Twitter, over 50 retweets. The last place I had uploaded that picture was in this very website. Which in fact should be in its catalog.

Some of the teachers saw the picture, they were shocked. It was weird but creative, most teachers said. Some of my friends would laugh their faces off about it too, I actually laughed with them. It’s something to get a laugh about. And to be honest, I felt gay for an entire week; which unfortunately lead to a wrestling match with five of my short friends.

Man, that was some day.


I hope something this catastrophic and humorous would occur to you guys.

-Dararith Ros


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