Freefall Montage

This is the next album that will be released since Station 469 finished up so quickly. I made this already so I’m able to notify you guys about it. I can’t imagine how quickly Station 469 developed.

In this particular album, the genres are most likely going to be techno and downbeat. Now, I know most of you dislike my downbeat songs but here’s the good news. The album is massively large like DJ Ros‘s World of Music album. Pay close attention to the smallest details in the songs, because my partner will be helping me with this album. Most of the songs will have him sing, but like I said a few months ago, it’s very hard to hear Stardronix.

Here’s the image of the album.


The official album will look slightly different since I accidentally made my name way too large, but it shouldn’t be a biggy. I actually had Stardronix review about fifteen other images, he chose this one, which by far, I spent the most time on. This is a special edition coming our way.

I hope you’ll enjoy the songs I will upload in a few weeks or months. Thank you guys.
-DJ Terrasteamius & Stardronix approves this message.


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