User-made Ads Reviews

Just a few minutes ago from the time I have published this post, I asked several users on ROBLOX to rate on how good many user-made ads are good or bad. The majority of the replies have something that I was pretty much predicting. Not much of a surprise.

GiantMilkDud: They’re usually terrible or a war group advertisement. Makes me wanna cry.
I agree completely. The majority of all ads do have to relate to war clans and such. And most of the time, I find them extremely annoying.

That’s a perfect example of many ads I have spotted in the past.

Sherknock: Only funnyone was
Yes, there are many funny advertisements to games and such, but in most cases, they are duplicated and reclaimed. I really dislike the fact that the majority of ROBLOX is unoriginal.

If you want to see the rest of the replies, they are within this thread:
If you want your post to be on here too, please wait for the next post.


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