End of Catastrophe Point

The last video that I have uploaded was dated around the beginning of May 2012. Because of this, I lost the elections for school president. If you want to argue about it to me, then just shut the fuck up about it. My friends made a bet with me. They said that if I lose the elections, most of my career has to end, and that included the CatastrophePoint channel. I was devastated about it. I didn’t know what to do about it. There was no alternative way.

From the times of comedy and stupidity, it ended up with this conclusion nobody expected. This was because I knew some of my friends were joking around about the votes. Subsequently, I lost by one vote. Loads of my friends thought I was going to be elected anyway, but they were wrong.

From this point on, CatastrophePoint’s channel will remain open, but it will eventually close down within Mid-2013 if no activity has been done. I have too many things going on with Terrasteamius and DJRosOfficial; which also tripled the chances of not working on CatastrophePoint. I’m still unsure about FirecartoonLyricsHD and FirecartoonOnRoblox‘s channel.

Nearly all video activities will take place in Terrasteamius’s channel. In the meantime, I will continue on DJRosOfficial once my actual computer is restored to the new Windows 8 that was released back in October.

Terrablog - RIP CatastrophePoint

This was the last video that was uploaded on CatastrophePoint.

Thank you for understanding about the end of yet, another channel.
Dararith Jeremiah Ros.


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