Moving Onwards

After Awhile

It’s been five months of basically music producing and so far, it’s probably the worst drought since the switch of SpaceMusicTV to FirecartoonCorp back in March 3rd, 2011. Terrasteamius has been doing moderately a terrible job with population and count of views. I have tried promoting, tweeting, sharing, just about anything; the end result were expected: almost nobody clicked on the link or watched it whatsoever. However, I am practically Twitter-famous, yet, losing about six followers a day. This only helps gain about three views.

I haven’t really released any good songs after “Bass Thief,” except “Territories.” Just about every video in existence to my library has very little or no activity at this point. What’s ironic is that over 80 of my friends at school tell me that they watch my videos almost daily. Well, that was basically some BS. I basically didn’t want to talk to them anymore about my channel that didn’t do anything.

Moving Onwards

West Valley in a Decade

West Valley City is a suburban city of Salt Lake City in Utah. I have been living here since I was around age four. I started Kindergarten and continued all the way to basically my current year (As of May 13, 2013) as a freshman at Hunter Jr. High. I remember doing lots of things with my friends at school, even though elementary was just a living hell. First grade; I was probably one of the most annoying little brats there was in Mrs. Ashbey’s class. Second grade; I was the worst subtracter in Ms. Pabst’s class. Third grade; I began my art designs and such. That started who I was. Fourth grade; I was practically being in church. Fifth grade; I was a suicidal son-of-a-bitch. And in sixth grade; I was the special-ed kid whose teacher didn’t understand him well enough.

Beginning my junior years in 7th grade; I was one of the most randomest persons you could ever imagine. I was basically the class clown and one of the most obnoxious pre-teens you could ever find. When I was in 8th grade, I was more of a wrestling little gooch with a passion. That year, basically the minority of my friends outgrew me and always gave me choke-locks since I gave it to them in 7th grade. Finally, in 9th grade, I was the all-in-one talented yet pathetic lunatic.

After all of these years I’ve had in this ghetto and ratchet city, everything is about to change.

South Jordan: New Destination

South Jordan is a high-income city, about fifteen miles south-west of Salt Lake City, UT. The reasons of moving to the higher-income city is considerately family-sealed, requested by my mother. We were originally going to try living in Draper, Sandy and even Midvale. Unfortunately, the house prices were way too high, and the lots were puny. Try 0.13 acres. That’s smaller than my current 0.21.

Literally four houses away from the largest community of Daybreak, is where I will continue my journeys through. I love it there and I am pretty sure things will settle to the point where everything is back to the way it should be. I’ve already known I will get the following things back online.

  • Finish the last three songs of DJ Ros‘s “Crashin’ Dubstep.
  • Finish up Terrasteamius‘s “Freefall Montage.
  • Resume CatastrophePoint‘s Channel
  • Resume all music-related productivity
  • Reactivate my Facebook (If it’s okay with my mother)
  • Resume my activity with my “Fans.”

By August 2013, you will see pictures of my new home. Guaranteed. And trust me, it’s looks small like my current home, but it’s just gorgeous. And to think of it, I will have an adventure building the basement, suggested my father. I am so excited. I can’t wait, and possibly, you cannot either.

Thank you all for making this possible.
Dararith Jeremiah Ros/Terrasteamius

Published 5/13/2013 @ 9:30 PM EST


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