Introducing Deadbass

The Past Week

For about a week, there was a poll going on for the name changing process. Fortunately, there was no conflict or arguments that went on through. There was a reason why I made the change.

  1. The name was too hard
  2. The name was too long
  3. Had a terrible population drought
  4. Considerately a “test” account towards others

Basically, the rest of the information can be read here:

Plans for Deadbass

I’m actually am looking forward to release a few songs onto Deadbass’ account. All of the future releases from Terrasteamius was shifted to Deadbass, except all of the songs on the “Freefall Montage” album. The songs (as of August 8th, 2013) includes the following:

  • Conspiracy
  • Swag Never Dies
  • Illuminati ft. Startdronix
  • But It’s On Me ft. Virtuality & Series

However, I wouldn’t expect any of them to be uploaded anytime soon. I’m still in the moving process, even though it’s been nearly four full months since I published something good. By the looks of it, I won’t start publishing until September 2013. I am pretty sure “But It’s On Me” will be the first to be finished, but that’s if I ever obtain a professional-grade microphone. Otherwise, Conspiracy will go in first.

Inspiration Packages

The inspiration packages can be found in merely all of my music channels from DJ Ros to Terrasteamius to Deadbass. Most of those artists including Soulero, Stereotronique, Mr FijiWiji, Krewella, Draper, Skrillex, Stephen Walking, Tristam, and several others are included inside my packages. If I were to be able to start a collaboration with them, it would be perfect. I don’t think I could ever accomplish to be as excellent as they are, though.

Introducing Deadbass

I will inform more news to what will happen next.
-Dararith J. Ros & Deadbass


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