Deadbass in School

The Irony

Well, school’s coming up for all Utahans on August 26th, 2013. Luckily, for me, I get to start a little late due to the relocating process still going on. Where I’m at is literally between the boundaries of Herriman and Bingham High. I honestly don’t know which school I’ll end up being in, but hopefully, neither one of them turn out bad.

For the school thing, I’m pretty nervous going into a whole different society comparing between South Jordan and West Valley. I already knew that considering I have friends between the two cities. I have made contact with several other people across the Salt Lake valley, asking what it’s like in South Jordan schools. They tell me it’s a completely different country, considerably.


Herriman High friends

Most of my friends down there are Whites and Mexicans. The friends I have down in Herriman High are generally swagfags (not to be offensive or anything). The biggest downside about them is that they’re pretty stuck-up due to their wealth. I can classify that since they have a Lotus, Lamborghini, Bogati, or even a god damn Ferrari. They all know I have a Corvette, that luckily had them classify me as a wealthy son-of-a-bitch. Ironically, they’re exactly the same.

Bingham High friends

I have only four friends attending Bingham High. All but one are Polynesians. What I know so far, the friends there are really into football. They generally are the tough ones and I believe their wrestling team there is really good as well. Better look into that. The “odd-ball” friend I have at Bingham is one of those “extreme athletes” due to his abilities in sports. He dresses similar to what a swagfag would dress like, but generally more into the sports category. No classification done.

Reverting what I first Started

I’ve been mass-advertising my music industry all around West Valley, which didn’t turn out well due to the lack of support and the rate of arrogance there. I have already advertised at South Jordan, but only once. It’s already turning out good. But my reaction is, how will the audience find me in South Jordan.

The people of West Valley are full of prejudice citizens and are generally known to crush anybody’s dreams. Promoted there for at least four years. All fallout to the dawn of failure. Knowing them, it’s probably the last place I’d want to go. Even Kearns‘ citizens were better, and it’s a ghetto town.

South Jordan’s hand, it’s kind of a problem. According to the rest of my family, the judicial rate is extremely high. Already proved them wrong in two small areas, but I’m still concerned. Will I make it? Gotta find that out soon.

Well, good luck to me and thanks for all of the support.
Dararith Ros/Deadbass.


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