Releases of 2013

Release of the Deadbass

Three albums for sure will be released on 2013. They will be the songs up for the rest of this year. There isn’t any guarantees of them being uploaded on the correct dates being set later. They have been forced-planned due to the name changing process mentioned more than many times needed. By next year, two more songs may be released, none are listed on the image below.



Planned to be uploaded around November 15th to December 29th, 2013. The song is enlisted as an Electro genre. The song got its name to the inspiration of unique students and teenagers doing what they do best no matter what others think about them. Whether notorious or famous, they continue to thrive their feelings and fulfill their dreams.


Planned to be uploaded dangerously in the center to the end of September 2013. Enlisted as an Electro genre. The song’s name refers to love taken as a conspiracy. The relationships being done as if it were to be some sort of test or ‘trying-it-out’ activity. It was never meant to be. The song is also planned to have lyrics written.

Swag Never Dies

Planned to be released by Halloween 2013. Enlisted as a Dubstep genre. Refers to those who believe swag is the way to go, even though SWAG is an abbreviation to “Secretly, we are gay.” It’s another one of those media types meant to be aimed towards same-sex relationships. Believe me, I have a lot of friends that are gay, and I totally respect that. That gave me the idea to write this song, other than my TShirt.

For more information on song releases, please contact me via email.
Thanks, Dararith/Deadbass.


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