Why the pointless Blog

I’m announcing the date of releasing myself practically everywhere ( bed) and it’s probably going to help publicize myself. However, I will not be associated with it 100% of the time. Possibly the most active social website may be my Twitter account.

Facebook: Dararith Jeremiah Ros

My Facebook (as of August 19th, 2013) is still closed, but is planned to be reopened around September. There’s no specific date in mind at this point. The only thing you’ll find on my Facebook is my personal stuff and pointless statuses. Don’t expect me to accept your friend request, unless I somehow know you.

Twitter: @Deadbass_

The oldest of all social website I’ve associated with. For more than five years, going to six in March, I’ve been tweeting, retweeting, everything you could possibly do on there. But as of August 19th, 2013, I have only accumulated more than 6800+ followers. Nearly none of them are active towards me except probably a few hundred.

I have lately been working onto getting my account verified, but so far, there’s no luck going on at this point. It is very likely because I haven’t really used my account efficiently as the “Verified Accounts” page via Twitter mentioned.

SoundCloud: DJ Deadbass

I haven’t really associated with SoundCloud for that long. In the meantime, I will upload ONLY demos onto SoundCloud. When the official videos are released, the demos on SoundCloud will be wiped out.

Instagram: Deadbass_

Instagram for me is probably one of the most associated website I’m on after Twitter. The most common thing found on my Instagram are some personal pictures of my friends, family, and I doing some random shit. Generally, useless garbage are uploaded as it is to embarrass myself, intentionally.


Go ahead, stalk me. I could care less what the hell you do. I wouldn’t mind.
Dararith J. Ros/Deadbass


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