Release: The Internet

Date & Release

I am very excited to tell you guys that “The Internet” is coming out next Friday. It’s very likely the download source will come out of MediaFire anyhow. However, the release date might shift like what happened to Conspiracy last month. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong again.


About ‘The Internet’

The Internet is supposed to be about everybody posting stupid things on the internet that corrupts the minds of teens and children of all ages in the modern age. A skillful militia shows up and blasts the internet out completely. The teens weren’t going to take it. They attempt to rebel against the militia to take their social medias back. The Internet, however, was almost unobtainable from the militia. The modern aged kids had to accommodate a significant plan to re-own what everybody relied on. They finally rebelled against the head leader of the militia and destroyed what kept the internet out of human society.

Future Releases and Such

  • After The Internet is released, I’m planning to also release Anonymous not that far.
  • Cyborg will be released possibly December 20th or 27th. It may change drastically.
  • But It’s On Me will finally be released January 17th, 2014. It was a year-long project that was worked on.

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