This is the page with the entire list of all the channels I currently own. Most of them, however, are no longer in use. But you may subscribe them at any time.
Please note that if you request to claim one of my channels, that message will be completely ignored at all costs. It won’t even persuade me when it’s a really good offer.

I have also listed a pretty short list of channels I do subscribe to, but not all of them as this page updates probably once or twice a year. It’s just a suggested list of channels you should really check out.

Current Channels

  1. Terrasteamius
  2. DJRosOfficial

Inactive Channels

  1. CatastrophePoint
  2. DararithNCaleb
  3. FirecartoonLyricsHD
  4. FirecartoonOnRoblox
  5. FirecartoonMusicTV
  6. FCLyricsHD
  7. SelenaGomezStudios

Recommended Channels

  1. SouleroOfficial
  2. MonstercatMedia
  3. AlexAndHisWorld
  4. DavidGuetta
  5. TheInstantUpdate
  6. ShadowTutorials
  7. EddsWorld
  8. TomSka
  9. WallyCube


  1. [Caleb Longtin]
  2. [Kiara Henry]
  3. [Anthony Chhin]
    Chino Chinno
  4. [Austin Allen]
    Austin Allen
  5. [Travis Gager]
  6. [Monica Hunt]
  7. [Bree Jex]
  8. [Nick Harper]
  9. [Kjersti Daley]
  10. [Cody Isbell]
  11. [Quentin Lanoue]

The only way to be listed is if you go to my school, am a fan of yours, or I own the account.


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