Deadbass is the third generation of my music career. The name is pretty self-explanatory; making dubstep, EDM, electro, and house music. After six years of experience, I’m dedicating Deadbass as the professional developer. DJ Ros and Terrasteamius will still be active, but will not be as professional. This time, I am taking chances in vocaling and providing lyrics into them.

Switching Process

I started a poll on the morning of August 1st, 2013. Five names were given to debate on. However, the process took way longer than I planned for. It ran for sixteen hours instead of three. Within noon, I only accommodated approximately sixty-five votes. I allowed the poll to run for several more hours. Just before I was about to close the poll, about thirty-five more results came in. The poll closed around 9:00 PM EST. The results were in.

  • Deadbass:      203 votes
  • McSteezy:       198 votes
  • TheFreaque:  157 votes
  • Ryzun:               89 votes
  • Other:                69 votes

Later that night, Deadbass was shouted out to everything I was associated with including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google+, even ROBLOX (Right before I discontinued my time with them). Fortunately, for Deadbass, it’s much easier to spell and isn’t as lengthy. On top of that, it’s a unique name, despising the name is being used for something else by another person.

Predicted Songs

  1. PREDICTED January 2014  [Illuminati]
  2. PREDICTED Nov-Dec 2013 [Anonymous]
  3. PREDICTED Halloween 2013 [Swag Never Dies]
  4. PREDICTED September 2013 [Conspiracy]
  5. PREDICTED January 2014 [But It’s On Me]

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