DJ Ros

Welcome to the DJ Ros page, the page to know where, what, when, who, and why the events, news, and such are posted here. I am not going to make my own website just for DJ Ros due to the fact that he is not known enough to the world.

The songs and tunes developed from DJ Ros have an intention of being junky and funky. Almost every person that DJ Ros has interviewed has agreed the first three albums could’ve been done better. But they have figured that since those songs were slightly ancient, they weren’t as good, so they didn’t bother.

Copyright Notices:
We allow users all over the internet to use our songs but can be copyrighted (once enabled on YouTube) if YOU took the credit or you haven’t given the credit to me. So beware of that. Otherwise, you will have your video taken down by YouTube and possible receive a strike from them. Please note, all songs by DJ Ros are all a copyright to Catastrophe Records, a record company of the Catastrophe Point LLC, a child company of Dararith Ros Inc.


  • Just The Start – These short songs have the properties of being used in games and are intended to be looped easily. Album developed on 6/23/2009. Completed on 7/1/2009.
  • Galaxy Wars – Many of these balanced pitched songs are basically a throw-out of instruments and basses together. The names of the song basically give you an idea of BOTH the meaning and its soundings. Album developed on 4/2/2010. Completed on 9/15/2010.
  • The F.I.N.A.L.S. – Almost the whole album is about warfare going on down in the country of Cersalia, a country southeast of Japan.  The war was so intense, that we have developed an entire album of it. These songs are used in Dararith-N-Caleb’s movie, “Sk8r’s Breaking Apart”. Album developed on 3/26/2011. Completed on 5/9/2011.
  • Pro – The album has an intention of being a professional scene. These songs were well developed for future movies that we may create. The term, “Pro”, in our minds, is about a couple of guys in an office, being idiots. That would probably explain why we developed this name. And also because we weren’t able to think at that time. Album developed on 1/12/2012. Completed on 1/27/2012.
  • World of Music – The album cover’s name obviously gives out the name of it. It’s all about music. These funky songs that are usually Techno and DJ Ros’s version of Dubstep, have a special meaning in the fully developed songs in there. Three most successful songs, which are Torn, Arctic, and Drop Dead Bird, have been most frequently used in many of our projects. Album developed on 2/29/2012. Completed on 4/2/2012.
  • Album 6 – The album is all about “technocity”. A new sound effect discovered and is found inside these ten songs of purity. But since it is still on work, we would have to have it released on the same day as “Crashin’ Dubstep” releases due to the fact that they BOTH were demanded in the past month after “World of Music” was completed. Album developed on 3/27/2012. Completed on 9/22/2012
  • Crashin’ Dubstep  – You may be thinking, “HOLY SHIT, MORE DUBSTEP MUSIC!” You’re wrong. DJ Ros has his own version of Dubstep, which is a mixture of basses and sound effects slammed together. Usually, their slow due to the fact that one of the genres from the program we use, MAGIX Music Maker MX, was misidentified as “Downbeat Electronica Vol. 1” instead of “Dubstep Vol. 2”. But that was only to his opinion. Album developed on 3/28/2012. Still on work.

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