In this page, you will find wallpapers, themes for Windows 7, albums developed by me, whatever. If you are downloading one of my items, you agree to the Terms of Service… I have no idea what it’s about. But what I mean is that you should at least give me credit if it is developed by me.

On this page, there are sections available to be downloaded. For now, they are free since I currently do not have iTunes yet. Almost everything here has my digital signature anyway that cannot be overwritten on. I’m only 14 and you shouldn’t take credit for what I did. But enjoy the things you are enabled to download!

NOTE: Files are downloaded straight through MediaFire. Most file types should be listed on the bold letters.

Page suggested by Caleb Longtin. Thanks a lot bro!

Green: Available
Cyan: Pending
Purple: Unavailable or Not Loaded
Red: Dead Link or cancelled

Microsoft PowerPoints [.pptx]

  • There are no PowerPoints available.

Wallpapers [.rar]

DJ Ros Albums [.rar & .mp3]

Terrasteamius Albums [.rar & .mp3]

  • Terrasteamius – Station 469 (2012)
  • Terrasteamius – Freefall Montage (2013)
  • Terrasteamius – -12° F (2013)
  • Terrasteamius – Barren (2014)

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