This is the ROBLOX Page. Apparently, my old ROBLOX website merged with this website since not enough information could be given out. But, I will try to add as many things as I could. I do know although nobody knows what ROBLOX is so let me briefly explain it.

ROBLOX is an online interactive game where you can socialize with others, develop your own game, and basically try other games and such. The community, although, is not very friendly. It’s been like this since around late 2009. For more information about what ROBLOX is all about, please refer to this link here.

Here is one of my many pictures of me. You could barely see me around the “N” letter. Although, my avatar will change tons of times, which may annoy the hell out of you. To what the ROBLOX Catalog has, it’s almost impossible for me to purchase newer hats and such. It is because everything nowadays is overpriced.

The games I have been developing are really detailed and are considered out of this world, according to my fans and visitors. The games listed below are the games I have been doing since November 2011, when I was legitimately active.

  • Mystification Tag
  • Sk8r Tag
  • Green Lantern Tag/Shattering Lime Tag
  • The Diamond District

I do have more places than that but they aren’t out since I currently do not have a premium membership on ROBLOX yet. I have been trying to gain a membership for a while now, and yet, I still do not have it.

More content will be added soon. Stay tuned.


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