We all hopefully know by now that DJ Ros is now officially Terrasteamius. If not, this is the time to learn about it. In this page, will you find out about the albums being released and such. You could also learn some quick information on Terrasteamius. Basically, the page of album releases and purposes.

  • Station 469 – (September 29th, 2012 to October 2nd, 2012)
    Station 469’s purpose of existence is completely unknown; except that it only expresses Terrasteamius’s feelings. We all know for a fact everybody has rough times and we all want to express it. This is one of his only options. Facebook isn’t an ideal place to mention his feelings.
    [8 Tracks], [Techno, Downbeat, Dubstep, Breakbeat], [2012]
  • Freefall Montage – (October 6th, 2012 to Unknown)
    Freefall Montage is pretty much an easier figurative about the arts and talents. Use your talents, and you may just make it as a career. Now that’s ideal, isn’t it? That’s what Terrasteamius/DJ Ros has been doing for the past four years.
    [15 Tracks], [Dance, Downbeat, House], [2013]

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