This website is pretty obvious to tell what it is about. It’s all about the multi-talented Dararith “Jeremiah” Ros.

Basic Info

Main Concept

The main reason why this site is up is just so you can keep up with the latest updates about new song releases, activities, videos, and many more. We are sure you will love the way he does and run his company, Catastrophe Point LLC. Dararith Ros allows and helps you with basically everything possible if ever contacted with. He is basically all over the internet since 2010, according to friends of Ros searching him up on Google. Just to make this clear, you will love the things he does. Maybe not all of it, but at least something.

Early Childhood

Life was not good for Ros. Everything went terrible with him due to an anger disorder he has. Many were purely racist, many just were bored and decided to taunt Ros. Nobody really knows why they taunt him in the first place, but there were a few friends who actually tried to help him through his childhood. Six of his thirteen friends in the school of Valley Crest Elementary school guided him through all of the tough situations and how to overcome them. They were not very easy for Ros to handle but in the end, it turned out very well. This situation continued on until his sixth grade year ended. A change has suddenly blasted into his mind.

Middle School

7th grade was a very dramatic time for Ros, actually. This was when he became interested in so many things. He was actually interested in developing music back in his 4th or 5th grade year, but not like before. The exact same effect occurred to him about art and acting. It was actually fun according to Ros. He would literally make a fool out of himself just for his audience to get a laugh, he would blog basically about the dumbest things for the “lulz”, and he would just randomly dance like nobody is watching. There are some video skills he owns. On top of that, his songs are inserted into his videos, which almost all of the time didn’t go in with the video very well. That was because the genre was way off from what it actually fits in with. Sometimes, he would display his artwork onto his YouTube videos for rates or for random things. His art wasn’t as eye-popping as our current time wallpapers.

8th grade was a major upgrade for Ros to receive. His music was made way more epic than it was in the past, the way Ros developed his artwork was also a major change, and most of all, he randomly stopped making YouTube videos and decided to carry one with his arts and media personality. Several months later, he tried running for SBO (Student Body Officer). Unfortunately after that event, it was a total embarrassment for Ros to experience. By that time on, many of his schoolmates have been picking on him about it. Fortunately, he met a person so similar to him, but just more good looking and shorter. They immediately became best friends ever since. They made videos together for a while; until he finally realized he lost a bet to the whole school: ending his YouTube career if he lost the elections. By the time 8th grade ended, epic events was encountered.

Right at the beginning of 9th grade, Ros was renaming his stage name, now known as Terrasteamius. And by far, the songs were 10x better than the ones he have developed in the past. He was glad for making that decision. Station 469, the only album completed by Ros, turned out pretty good, but only three songs according to Ros were badly developed. Months later, Ros experiences several adventurous events involving his music career and meeting up with several music producers. He could easily gain contact with his favourite artists including Soulero, Sereotronique, Razihel, Tristam, Skrillex, McSteezy (Recently renamed from Penguin J), Stardronix, Virtuality (Formerly Virtual Randomness), and even David Guetta. When March approached, Ros was skeptical about having his music career to continue on due to the fact he was inactive most of January and early February. Ever since then, Ros was re-undiscovered by the media. It caused him to nearly end his production for good. When the springs in Utah finally reach, Ros discovers he is being relocated to a much well-maintained society. Thousands were shocked and surprised. Schools including Hunter Junior, Westlake Junior, Brockbank Junior, and sixteen other schools were trying to get a hold of Ros; nearly all were fake however. On the last two days of school for Ros, every person that has ever known Ros, gathered up to him on Lagoon Day and The End. They promised to keep an eye for more of his releases, artwork, and such else. That was all a lie. The last two friends Ros was with, was way into the night; Jake A. and Brevin R. He never was able to see either of them again.

In Ros’ 10th grade year, it starts off nearly twenty miles from his junior high school, considering Ros was relocated around August. Just before that, right on the beginning of August, Ros renamed Terrasteamius to Deadbass. There were several reasons to be added to this event.

As of August 3rd, 2013, Ros is still fighting his way into regaining his fame and popularity.


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